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The Eatsdropper feels very unsatisfied

A day (okay, a few weeks) late and a dollar short, but I do have a handful of overheards from Slow Food Nation, back over Labor Day Weekend. I myself was not in attendance. I was too tired from processing and canning 100 pounds of tomatoes. I figured I kissed the local and sustainable ring already. I’ve still got more in the hopper, but please keep some tidbits coming to eatsdropper-at-seantimberlake-dot-com or on Twitter to @Hedonia. Abbraccioni!

Sponsor who had taken a little too much advantage of free wine at the Taste Pavilion:
"I don’t know shit about chefs."

– Eatsdropped be Genie

SFN "paying guest": "Is this the same cheese they were handing out to us in line?"
Stephanie (volunteer): "Yes, it is."
SFN "paying guest":
"Well, I have to tell you, I think that’s just LOUSY! We already HAD
this [product]. You shouldn’t serve a [product] in line that you are
serving here. It’s just a colossal disappointment."
"You know it’s really interesting to hear you say that. Just an hour
ago, we got a complaint because we ran through the [product] being
served in line and had already moved on to the next one. I guess we
just can’t win today!"
SFN "paying guest": "…"

– Eatsdropped by Stephanie

A father, trailing his wife and two young children toward the Taste Pavilion exit at the end of the night:
"I don’t feel like I ate dinner. I just don’t. I feel very unsatisfied."

– Eatsdropped by Genie

Me: "This is a blue cheese is from Texas. If you’re not careful, it will probably clear brush on a moment’s notice! "
SFN "paying guest" to friend: "She’s happy. I like her jokes."

– Eatsdropped by Stephanie


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  1. I’m still so surprised there weren’t more! (Although, since most of the people I know DIDN’T go, it shouldn’t surprise me.) I love Stephanie’s!

  2. Heh, I’m rather fond of the people who were surprised not to be full after those tidbits. It’s like someone snacking on grocery store samples for a meal.

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