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Ditalini mania


Remember how I lamented the inability to find ditalini? Well, I shall not want for them any longer. Upon hearing of my plight, my beloved great aunt Anne in Schenectady shipped off a care package containing seven boxes of the little guys. She also sent along some wisdom, advising various ditalini preparations:

  • plain with butter
  • in soup
  • in salad
  • can be cooked with peas and chick peas
  • can also be used with greens and beans

All true, but I see a whole lot of pasta e fagioli in our future.

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  1. There’s ditalini to be be found on the Peninsula . . . Whole Foods and Piazza’s both have ample supply. The shape that’s been a challenge for me to find is cavatappi. What gives with these shape-shifters?

  2. I have found ditalini here in SF at Safeway, and like what cookiecrumb said, it’s called “Salad Macaroni.” Actually, now that I think about it, I got it at the Westlake Safeway in Daly City, but I’d be surprised if the SF stores didn’t carry it as well.

  3. CC and Ariel: My mother actually sent a bag of “salad pasta” after the original post, and I’ve used that, too. Of course, tubetti are practically equivalent. I’m just being a pest.
    Sharon: Good to know! I’ve just learned of Piazza this week. The Peninsula is still largely terra incognita for me, so I’m all ears to recos now that I work in RWC.

  4. The Castro Safeway has had it too. I get it during the summer for cold salads. Very sweet of great aunt Anne though!

  5. That’s hilarious, I had a problem finding ditalini as well! Eventually I found it in the pasta isle but there was only one box left and it looked like it had been placed there by accident. What an elusive pasta!

  6. I swear as god is my witness, they don’t have it at the Whole Foods in Potrero Hill. And I ain’t crossing the bay for it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I recently moved from California to Texas, and I can’t find ditalina, which was called salad macarroni. Where can I find some

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