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  1. Hey there – have made your Pompelmo-Cello. Wonderful. Also made Citrus-Cello with lemon, orange and lime. Also fantastic. Tried Ginger (still experimenting with this one). Just made the most wonderful one with Cara Cara Oranges (they taste like a combo of orange and grapefruit). The peel is so aromatic. Question. Have you ever tried to make a cello with mint???

  2. Hi Rita
    So funny you ask, since I just went through that round of experimentation for the thin mint julep. I’ve done some infusions with mint before, but found the results to be unsatisfactory; you get more of a vegetal flavor than clean and minty. I’m not sure whether sweetening it would improve it.
    Ginger is a lovely idea — wonder if it will come out anything like Domaine de Canton. And your mixed citrus-cello sounds delightful!

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