When you cut butter, the terrorists win

This weekend is the big BlogHer conference in Chicago, and while I am one of the handful of employees to remain back in the Bay Area to hold down the fort, I did make a wee cameo appearance. You see, we aired a video compiled of user-generated clips of people sending their shoutouts to BlogHer attendees. All of us in the product group were encouraged expected commanded to make a clip for inclusion. 

At the end of the day, in order to avoid turning it into a three-hour saga, each of us in the company just got our intros excerpted and included. And I'm told that my adoring public made the most noise when I made my debut on the big screen. I am humbled.

The theme of the video was meant to be all about tips on how we stay connected, offline and on, in this increasingly complicated world. Of course, I am notorious for not following directions well, and so my first video was about something totally and utterly different. I did go on to make a video on topic, but here's the one you were never meant to see:

Yes, it's true. When you cut butter, the terrorists win.


Follow along with the conference at the official live-blogging group.

Go see my (and everyone else's) shoutout videos.

Did you know we're having a food blogger conference in San Francisco in September? It's already sold out, but if you get on the waitlist, who knows?

  • I am pretty sure I was paying attention (although it was early!) but I don’t think they played your whole clip. I definitely would have remembered the tip about airline cutlery!

  • It’s true, there were loud squeals when your name was mentioned! Miss ya!

  • Gudrun: Nope, this clip never made it; I submitted another but I think just the first couple seconds got in. This is a bonus video. 🙂
    Kalyn: Wish I could have been there with you in person!

  • Lookin’ good Sean! 😛 Okay, I’ve never been in first class and will likely not be for a WHILE, so I’m quite intrigued that they even have actual silverware in there!

  • Thanks, Manggy. The sad thing about flying first class is that once you’ve done it, you’re forever spoiled. Unfortunately I was not to the manor born, so I have to suffer coach class knowing how much better it could be. Most frustrating.

  • That is a great tip, and the comment about cutting butter made me snort. Looking forward to seeing you again in September! (Crap, now I’ll have that song in my head the rest of the day.)

  • Can’t wait to see you!

  • EB

    I’ll see what cutlery Virgin is cooking up on my trip to Europe next week!

  • It’s true there were squeals when you came on the screen. I may have been one of the people who whooped. 😉

  • Sean you are just too cute & I mean that in the nicest possible way!

  • Aw garsh. 🙂