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The Eatsdropper will go blind doing that

While I'd absolutely love to present you with a lushly written and gorgeously photographed post on creating some mouth-watering treat today, our time is otherwise occupied. We are in the throes of our most ambitious kitchen masochism project to date. Whereas two years ago we and two friends processed and canned 50 pounds of tomatoes, and last year 80, this year we are tackling 200 pounds of the stuff. Yesterday we converted 100 pounds into 42 quarts of sauce, canned tomatoes and what can be called tomato jus; next week we will do the same at our friends' place in the East Bay.

Somehow, magically, despite our increasingly aggressive efforts it seems to get easier each year. We made some key changes to the process this time around, and things clicked along much more quickly. By coring first, then blanching amply, the tomatoes were much easier to skin and seed. And of course, many hands make light work.

Meanwhile, I leave you with the latest collection of audible edibles. My ears are always open for more, so send'em along to eatsdropper-at-seantimberlake-dot-com. Cheers!

Receptionist: "I could use a credit card that gave me free movie tickets. I would love that."
Patient: "I would like a credit card that gives free cat food. My cat's idea of good cat food is maguro sushi."

– Eatsdropped by Genie at the chiropractor

Friend, in reference to a Greek BBQ: "Like yummy dog meat"

– Eatsdropped by Kevin at Toad Hall

One of two 20-something girls wearing Uggs:
    "Wait there's mold on the outside of the cheese?! Wow that's unreal."

– Eatsdropped by Jeanne at the Achadinha Cheese booth at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market

Female diner: "Wow, what a meal. I feel like a cigarette!"

– Eatsdropped by Ron at The Herb Farm

Jen: "This is the first Book Club where I've had drool all over my leg."

– Eatsdropped via Twitter by Genie at Forbidden Island, after which:

"I'm going to have to favorite my own Tweet."
Cam: "You'll go blind doing that."

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  1. Not exactly food related but here is how it went down:
    My boyfriend to me: “You look better without your glasses”
    Me to Boyfriend: “Thank you, sweetheart. You look better without my glasses too”
    Oddly enough, I am single again. Hmmm…
    – Rhonda

  2. Holy tomato! We aren’t canning sauce this year, just roasting and freezing the romas and San Marzanos. Got addicted to the flavor last year, now want them in everything.

  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog.
    Three hours after I sat in the dentist chair (I was a squeeze in…) the dentist FINALLY got out the broken tooth…anticipating a whole day of strong drink begining EARLY tomorrow morning!
    Tomatoes….yes when our three kiddos were little, we would put up a minimum of 60 quarts among green beans, potatoes, tuna and salmon. Before I forced myself to the dentist today, I made up a batch of tomato sauce so Hubby would have a decent dinner. This year is the first time I ever canned tomato sauce. I put it up in Pint and a half jars these days….I really am getting quesy at the site of 15 tomato plants producing wagon loads of fruit each day!!
    And, YES, I will be reading each of the SF blogs…and maybe the rest too as somehow a lack of energy has just overtaken me…..thanks again 🙂

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