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The Eatsdropper is from Texas

I hope you are all as excited as I am about next week's BlogHer Food event. Aside from the fact that I'll be moderating a panel, I'm sure it'll be a rich source of Eatsdroppers to come. So keep your ears peeled, and please do send me the choicest bits at eatsdropper-at-seantimberlake-dot-com. Kisses!

Woman: "Is that pomegranate?"
Guy handing out samples: *blink* "Uh… no, it's nectarine."

– Eatsdropped by Anne at the Mountain View Farmers Market

Man at taco truck, holding a plate with three tacos, two of which have
cheese piled on top of them, and fumbling with one of the
cheese-covered tacos:

    "These are really hard to eat."
Woman at taco truck:
    "Well, who gets cheese on them, New York?"
Man at taco truck:
    "I do, and I'm from Texas."

– Eatsdropped by Genie at said taco truck

Woman, pointing to bag of English peas directly underneath sign stating same:
    "What kind of beans are these called?"
    "These are called peas."

– Eatsdropped by yours truly at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market

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  1. LOL … I’d forgotten about the taco truck one. It should be said that the guy was most recently from New York, which is why I was calling him “New York”. 🙂

  2. Wonderful as always Sean! Looking forward to FINALLY meeting you soon, hope we can connect and have a Fernet and ginger-ale! See you at BlogHer! XO Rebecca

  3. Well, I must admit that we have a photo hanging in our kitchen of figs ( that my fiance had called “the pomegranate picture” for so long that I started to call it “the pomegranate picture”, too. Then one day we had the photographer over for dinner and mentioned how much we loved the pomegranates and he made fun of us rather mercilessly because they were figs!! And I totally, once upon a time, knew they were figs! But I was brainwashed. I swear.

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