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Yes, it’s been over five weeks since my last post, and nearly two months since posting anything about actual food. In my defense, I’ve had a lot going on, what with building up to BlogHer Food, then staffing the City Guides booth at Castro Street fair, then, oh yeah, having surgery. More on that later.

NaBloPoMo But defensible though they are, these are still just excuses. I could have bothered to post something, anything, in the spaces in between. And now that I am fully back in the saddle, I have decided to commit myself to something alternately admirable and foolish, NaBloPoMo: National Blog Posting Month. As penance for my utter slackerness in the past weeks, I will attempt to post something every single day in the month of November. 

And why not? It’s been a long time since I’ve given myself a true challenge. Plus, November is perhaps my favorite month, with my two favorite holidays, Thanksgiving and Veteran’s Day my birthday. This one is all the more auspicious as in just under two weeks I will roll the odometer over into a new decade.

I do not promise every post will be about food, but I will always use our tagline — Eating, drinking and living the good life in America’s most hedonistic city, San Francisco — as my mission statement. When I do post about food, I do not promise there will always be full-on recipes, but I’ll let you know what we did, anyway.

I do not promise every post will be my best writing, and in fact by the time we careen to the end of the month I do not promise I will even be coherent, but I will try. Some posts will be long, some will be offhanded and terse. Some may be rhapsodic, some may be inane.

I do not promise each post will be accompanied by a picture, but I am nudging my beloved husband to play along. But those images may not always be immediately relevant to the content of the post.

I will probably fall off the wagon, and that will send me into a shame spiral, but it is no more unbearable than the guilt of not posting at all. 

So won’t you join me for the ride?

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  1. Wow. I always love your stuff, Sean. I think I’ll just post a link to this lovely post and say “ditto x 4!”
    OK. I need a kick in the pants. It’s my New Year today, and I only have a half dozen resolutions so far, so I’m in.
    Well, I have one foot in, anyway. Hopefully, the other will follow..

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