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Breaking bread

Last night I had dinner with Ben, Jaden, Stephanie, Samantha and her husband, Danny. Today, the lovely Paula bought me a lobster roll lunch as an early birthday present. (Thanks, Paula!) Tonight, as DPaul has a late meeting, we will probably pop out and enjoy a quick meal at our favorite restaurant, Contigo, helmed by Brett

I have often said that blogging is a first-person activity, and that’s true. Each blog is a perfect snowflake, a unique expression of one individual’s (or, if you’re like us, two individuals’) view on the world. Yet while the act of blogging more or less necessarily involves sitting alone at a computer, bloggers — food bloggers in particular — are far from solitary creatures. By sharing our views and opinions, our sensory highs and lows, we find affinity with each other, and that connection often manifests into “real world” friendships.

It makes perfect sense. When you meet a stranger, you have to begin from ground zero to find common ground. Do you like the same food? Music? Are you into politics? Technology? Sports? Crafting? Humanity is so richly varied, and each person so particular, it’s practically a miracle that we should find anyone with whom we share a single common interest.

But then hey, here’s this huge community of people who have openly and directly expressed exactly that: An interest. And while you may not agree 100% with each person’s unique and particular take on that interest, that’s fine. Debate makes for better conversation. 

And if that interest is food, so much the better. Food is innately a social thing. For all of human history, sharing a meal has been a sure indicator that the parties involved are bonded. And it’s small wonder that our language (and others) is so richly peppered with food-themed idioms. Breaking bread. Chewing the fat. Easy as pie.

Since starting this blog nearly four years ago, I have been fortunate enough to meet many, many wonderful people in this community. And to demonstrate that, I will be going through my blogroll (in my copious spare time) in the right sidebar and adding marks: One asterisk means that is a blogger I have met in person; two will mean a blogger I have dined (or at least drank) with.

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  1. What a fun idea! I have a page of “food bloggers I’ve met” but it’s so ridiculously out of date it’s getting embarassing. Meeting other bloggers is the best thing about blogging!

  2. Sean, I’m glad we were able to meet up! I read an article just a few days ago that social media actually do make people MORE social! Who would of thunk. We’re all not socially inept people hiding behind the computer. Social media like blogging and twittering helps like-minded people connect. I’m glad we connected! Ben

  3. Great idea, but one that I’ll have to wait a while to emulate 🙂
    Funny…we have blog posts with the same titles. Where yours actually is about eating with people, mine’s a weird sort of pun 🙁

  4. Sean, it was great to meet you in person and I am really enjoying your blog! Hope to eat/drink with you in person again and meet DPaul, too!

  5. Ben and Samantha, it was great spending time with you! We’re always good for a meal around town.
    Kalyn, you’re so right that meeting people is the best part. I so enjoyed our dinner at Delfina in September.
    Sharmila, it’s never too soon to start …

  6. Love the annotation idea! I may just have to do something like that myself.
    It looks like you had a great time. Quite a photogenic group of food bloggers! ; )

  7. Sean, you are more than welcome! I had such a great time with you at lunch last week. I hope you are having a splendid day, my dear.
    Brightest blessings!!

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