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Lucky dog

Reese ┬ęDPaul Brown

Reese is one lucky dog.

Nablo09.90x33Surrendered in Manteca supposedly for having too many puppies (a problem that can be fixed, to coin a term), she managed to navigate the pound system using the only tools at her disposal: Her stunning good looks and disarming personality.

Once she made it to the SFSPCA, she caught the eye of two trepidatious prospective dog owners, who took her home on faith that she would integrate well into their lives. From the minute she approached the front door, this flat in Noe Valley became her castle.

She became queen of her domain, able to procure belly rubs on demand. She collected a mighty trove of toys that squeak with the merest clench of her jaws.

Her minions worships her duly, providing warmth and food and a fine bed to burrow into. They take her on daily patrols of her dominion where she could continually establish the boundaries. Occasionally, she will go beyond the borders of her state, visiting strange lands where she can gambol among sand fleas and ropey kelp.

She treats her subjects well, rewarding their efforts with abundant, wet kisses and further demands for belly rubs. These are given freely and without hesitance, for we adore our benign regent.

I suppose we’re pretty lucky, too.

Reese ┬ęDPaul Brown

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