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Things I have learned along the way

Squeaking in a post at the last minute today to fulfill my NaBloPoMo commitment, but it's slapdash at best. I've been busy, you see, hiking along the bluffs, playing games and taking the occasional nap. Oh, and eating free abalone. More on that soon. Suffice to say it's been a great birthday weekend.

Nablo09.90x33do not claim to have acquired any great wisdom in my four decades on this earth, but I have managed to pick up a few things along the way. I'll keep adding as they reveal themselves to me.

  • If a dish needs "something," that something is almost always salt.
  • If it's not salt, then it's acid: Vinegar or lemon juice.
  • Only very rarely, if neither of the above is true, then it's sugar.
  • Melons like salt; strawberries like pepper; mango likes chili pepper.
  • Pretty much everything in my world tastes better with a dash of hot sauce or pepper flake.
  • Greens require bacon to bring out their true spirit.
  • Always order the unfamiliar thing on a menu.
  • Periodically retry things you think you don't like. You might be surprised.
  • Food invariably tastes better in the company of friends.
  • Hunger may be the best sauce, but laughter is an excellent garnish.

What are your life lessons?

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