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The other beige meat

Sea Ranch ©DPaul Brown

I did say that the pictures would not always be relevant to the posts this month. Above, a lovely shot from Sea Ranch for your ocular amusement. I had initially asked DPaul to take a quick shot of tonight’s dinner to support the post, but I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t do it to him, or to you.

Nablo09.90x33The planned meal for my birthday dinner was a sizable pork loin roast, which we were going to stuff with fig paste per the Ad Hoc at Home
cookbook, a birthday gift from DPaul. And then the abalone happened. Into the freezer went the roast, and so it came home with us. 

Once thawed, DPaul popped it into the slow cooker and made an ersatz pot roast, which was quite good indeed, but it left us with quite a bit extra. This is unsurprising when you consider it was originally intended to feed eight.

We’re kings of the leftovers in our house. Some of the roast went just as is into containers for lunch today, but that still left a hefty hunk of the stuff. The meat was falling-apart tender, so the options were limitless. I decided to make a quick “ragu” with some finely chopped vegetables sautéed with thyme and sage and the shredded pork meat. A sprinkle of flour made for a light roux that thickened the roast broth into a nice sauce. All this tossed with penne.

But when it came to serving time, I just couldn’t bear the thought of trying to put lipstick on this pig. It was a white plate full of white-to-beige … stuff. The only contrast came from a peppering of orange specks from the carrot. The meat had fallen apart further, which made it sort of look like cat food. It didn’t taste like cat food, though, or if it does then I’m going to start investing in Fancy Feast for weekday lunches.

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