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Guts. Glory.

On the day after my surgery, I got wheeled down to radiology so they could take some pictures of my guts. I had a tube sticking out of my back, the same way they went in to grind up and remove the stone. They now had to inject some fluid through the tube to make sure that everything was flowing the way it ought to.

Nablo09.90x33As I lay there on the table, the images flashed on a screen off the side of the table, just within my field of vision. I was fascinated by the images. The fluffy curls of the colon; the spine’s architectural drama; the otherworldy sucker-like shapes of the lobes of the kidney as the contrast fluid filled them. I thought they were surprisingly beautiful. Granted, I was on some major pain meds at the time, so everything was sort of fabulous.

After a follow-up appointment yesterday, which mostly comprised of sitting and waiting for someone to notice I was there, I popped into the main hospital up to radiology and requested copies of the images. I still find them fascinating and beautiful. The full set is here.

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