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The Eatsdropper really likes hippie food

Spices ┬ęDPaul Brown

Yesterday's excursion to Napa was not solely for the enjoyment of the turning leaves on grapevines, though that was a lovely fringe benefit. We met up with an old friend (well, she's not old; she's younger than us … you know what I mean.) whom we hadn't seen in a number of years. We met up at the Oxbow Market, which she referred to as "the poor man's Ferry Plaza." I didn't see any poor men there. Nevertheless, after perusing the various shops, such as Whole Spice Company, pictured above, we had a lovely lunch at the Oxbow Wine Merchant

Nablo09.90x33I love watching the fashion parade of both tourists and locals at places like this. I didn't catch any new Eatsdroppers, but if you've heard anything lately, be sure to shoot it over to me at eatsdropper-at-seantimberlake-dot-com. Cheers, mate!

Russian chef: "Rhonda, do you have this?"
Rhonda: "Yes. Piece of cake"
Chef: "Piece of cake or piece of s*** because this could go either way right now"
Chef, after checking everything: "Good … It is cake.  You will live another day.  No Siberia for you."

– Eatsdropped by Rhonda at work

Retired gentleman to his lady friend: "She just sucks the dark energy out of everyone around her."

– Eatsdropped by Scott at California Pizza Kitchen

Ollie, pointing to a head of lettuce: "look at that salad ball."

– Eatsdropped by Jason in his own kitchen

Hugh: "That was a good vegetable soup. Actually I really like hippie food."

– Eatsdropped by yours truly at Peter Lowell's

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