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The post that wasn’t there

I was totally going to produce a real post tonight. A post about food with pictures and maybe a recipe and everything. It was going to be about crab rolls on homemade buns and crushed potatoes and pinot gris.

And then something happened: Crab rolls on homemade buns and crushed potatoes and pinot gris. The homemade buns were amazing and the crab was ethereal and the potatoes were creamy and the pinot gris was refreshing.

I was recently reminded that sometimes food is just meant to be eaten; by extension sometimes wine is just meant to be drank and the company of friends is just meant to be enjoyed, without analysis, without pretension. And that is what happened tonight. After all, the tagline for the blog, and my mission statement for the month is “eating, drinking and living the good life in America’s most hedonistic city, San Francisco.”

So this is the closest you’re getting to a post tonight. You can call it a cop-out if you like. I call it walking the walk.

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  1. Food and wine are often best enjoyed without the need of explanation, much like true friendships. Donna and I have had both with you and Paul, for that we are fortunate.

  2. I showed up for Thanksgiving dinner this year without my camera, and my sister said “Thank Goodness, I thought we were going to have to take pictures of every dish before we ate!” So yes, sometimes it’s better to just enjoy!

  3. Oh honey, you are walking the walk alright. Strutting, more like.
    (Where as, I totally fell off the wagon.)
    I love this post! I’m so thrilled you dug in, enjoyed thoroughly, and came to tease us with it. Way to go!
    Lovin the follow crab roll post, too.

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