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Object of affection

Happy Valentine's Day!

If you came here expecting hearts and candies, you're outta luck. DPaul and I do not really observe Valentine's Day, or at least not with the kind of fervor that maybe we once did when we first started dating. Or maybe we didn't. It's been a long time.

Not that I haven't had love and affection on the brain lately. I had the opportunity to express my devotion to an item in our kitchen for Leite's Culinaria — not a favorite item, per se, but favored, an item that has endeared itself to my heart. I wrote about our kitchen table. It's a tale of passion and conflict, and there's a happy ending to boot. Check it out

It's not the first time I've written a mash note to an inanimate object. Time was, I used to wax rhapsodic about kitchen products all the time, from wooden spatulas to Popeners, and during my time writing for social shopping site ThisNext, I even wrote a potboiler to Recchiuti fleur de sel caramels. But can you really blame me? 

At any rate, I'm thrilled and honored to be in such good company along with such other luminaries as David Lebovitz, Clotilde Dusoulier, Monica Bhide and many others. 

What kitchen item has your undying devotion?

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  1. For me it’s a toss up between my Calphalon katana 10″ butcher knife and my Great Grandmohers 10″ cast iron skillet. Of he two I suppose I “could” live without the knife, but I go nowhere without that skillet

  2. Without my ceramic knives I’d never supreme another citrus. I love the danger of the knives and that the blades seem so utterly clinical (they’re white).

  3. Jerry, I’m very attached to our 10″ Henckels santoku, but then we got a Shun 10″ chef’s knife that’s lately been wooing me away. I’m fickle like that.

  4. That’s difficult! The items in my kitchen that have seen the most play are the $12 15″ stainless steel mixing bowl, the $10 hand mixer, the $4 silicone spatula, the fine-meshed strainer from the ’80s, and the $3 8-inch aluminum pan. I don’t know what I’d do without them!

  5. I have a bulky plastic knife shield for each one. Just Google ‘Knife Safe’ and you’ll see the type I have. As soon as I’m finished using the knife (even in the middle of cooking) I wash and dry it quickly then put in back inside the container.

  6. We, too, have a retro diner-style table like this. But yours is much cooler looking. Ours is just a speckled light gray top, but the chairs are what make it — turquoise and white wide stripes with all that shiny chrome. The most comfortable chairs ever. And total classics. I’m glad your table brings you such joy. I know, ours does, too. My husband bought it even before we were married, and we cherish it still.

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