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Announcing The Hungry Hipster

San Francisco, CA, April 1, 2010 — San Francisco has long prided itself as being the epicenter of cutting-edge food and on the forefront of food trends. The latest venture to hit the city that likes to eat celebrates food in its trendiest forms. Opening tonight, The Hungry Hipster™ is a new underground pop-up restaurant designed to tempt the hippest palates.


For the opening night gala, the restaurant will be taken over by several of the city's most popular street food carts, serving up the freshest fare with a soupçon of generator exhaust. While seatings are scheduled at 5, 7 and 9 pm, the entirety of the dining floor will be occupied by the carts, so no seats will be available. Tickets are $100 at the door, no reservations taken. Expect long waits.

From there, the restaurant will settle into a regular groove of trend-focused foods. Fridays will feature an all-bacon menu, including a bacon-jamòn serrano-chicharrones salad, lardo tacos and, the pièce de résistance, a bacon-wrapped bacon loaf stuffed with bacon confit and covered in a bacon glaze. A special pork belly panna cotta topped with crumbled Lipitor tops up the menu.

Saturdays The Hungry Hipster is taking small plates to a new level, with a 12-course tasting menu served entirely in macaron form. The conceptual cookies will start with the lighter colors and flavors, beginning with translucent vapor-gelatin flavor, and escalate in intensity to the pitch-black Dubbel Zout licorice-squid ink flavor. Some macarons feature the chef's own "artisan" jams, made by opening, altering, and re-canning commercially available jams, such as his specialty, Welch's concord with Fernet Branca. Jams will be available for purchase on site in 3-ounce jars for $15.

Mondays feature an all-veg*n menu, and live chickens, pigs and cows will be allowed to roam about the restaurant for the ultimate farm-to-table experience.

Local ice creamery Humphry Slocombe has been tapped to develop a trio of custom flavors for the restaurant: Kosher Salt; Ceviche; and Mystery Meat. Seriously, they're not exactly sure what meat went into it.

The Hungry Hipster takes sustainability seriously, and sources all of its ingredients from within a 100-foot radius of its Inner Mission location. (The restaurant is next door to Rainbow Grocery.)

The hidden interior bar, with its open-air deck that opens to the street, pays homage to the great speakeasies of yesteryear. Would-be drinkers will be given a password upon calling for a reservation; however, the bar has no phone, and the patrons probably wouldn't say it right anyway.

To stay up to the second on The Hungry Hipster's underground happenings, such as special beak-to-cloaca chicken menu nights, sign up for their email newsletter, become a fan on Facebook, follow them on Twitter or watch the arrival displays in BART and MUNI stations. Or, visit the website for more info.

  • sam

    very funny

  • Lord love you. Brilliant.
    And now I think this should be made into something real.

  • “beak-to-cloaca chicken menu” GAH!

  • This is my favorite part: “Would-be drinkers will be given a password upon calling for a reservation; however, the bar has no phone, and the patrons probably wouldn’t say it right anyway.”

  • Honeybeast (Julie)

    I think my favorite part is A special pork belly panna cotta topped with crumbled Lipitor tops up the menu. Hee.
    PS Sean, did you read Cooking With Fernet Branca?

  • I wondered what you’d be doing with that newfound freedom.

  • Anita tipped me off to this: So, it seems, it's more real than one might imagine.

  • I have not read it yet! I have a copy somewhere. As luck would have it, I have some time on my hands now.

  • Absolutely brilliant! 😀

  • Made my morning.
    What’s sad is this will probably pop up somewhere as a real event and I’ll see it in my inbox from Taste of a Thrillest or something.

  • Oh it’s not my restaurant, I’m just doing the PR for it. 🙂

  • Can you get me in?

  • I dunno, Cookie, I think you might be too cool.

  • Oooh, what a unique Farm-to-Table experience!! Can’t wait, I’m going to do an overnight stake out to guarantee my (non) seat! 😉

  • Oh, but you should turn it into your restaurant – I am SO sure your neighbors will eat it all up!! 😉

  • LOL this could be real tho around here in SF.

  • Couldn’t it just?