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Soup and sandwich, sorta

Italian wedding soup @St Vincent

You of course subscribe to and religiously read Tablehopper, right? Of course you do. 

I mean, how else would you know about all the amazing comings and goings of our ever-robust food scene? How else would you know, for example, that just yesterday St Vincent started serving a reasonably priced, no fuss, one-pot lunch on weekdays? You wouldn't, that's how. 

The menu's small — they have just one option a day — and it's always $12. Better yet, all their wines by the glass are $8, a nominal-to-significant markdown. Be sure to ask what's open; they may pour you something that's not listed by the glass. 

Today we strolled down the hill to meet our friend Jeanne to check today's offering: Italian wedding soup. Which worked out pretty great, as no sooner had we gotten into St Vincent than it began to sprinkle. And then to pour. Soup weather, on demand! 

It was a nice interpretation. The chicken meatballs were tender and tinged with fennel seed; the broth lightly thickened with egg. I rather liked the touch of a hearty slab of rustic bread with a mustardy egg salad on top. Soup and sandwich, sorta. All this and a nice glass of Donkey and Goat grenache blanc. Happy. Face. 

We ate, we sipped, we caught up. An hour later the showers passed. It's so convenient when the soup weather ends with the soup. 

Tomorrow's roasted pork posole. I could make a habit of this.

You know what else is awesome about Tablehopper? Her freaking amazing tees and hoodies with brand designs of vintage SF eateries and drinkeries, of which I want, oh, ALL, but most especially this one and this one. (And someone's got a birthday coming up, hint hint.) 

Also, ya  gotta love her super-handy app highlighting all the late-night eats in SF, cuz heaven knows I wouldn't have a clue where to eat after, oh, eight or so.

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  1. I just served soup & salad last night! We are in Fort Lauderdale – which never has soup weather – but it dropped to an astonishing 60 degrees so I made a beef & Swiss Chard minestrone & served tartines with turkey, heirloom tomatoes, homemade roasted peppers & Munster cheese on the side. Yummy, husband loved it & even ate the CHARD!
    (Currently looking over your blog found it after finding you via your gunciale which I just discovered at my local butcher…husband is watching football & when he does I look at recipes!)

  2. Now that I know all the details, I want this even more than when I saw it on instagram. It’s totally soup weather today.

  3. Tablehopper?!? I’m so insulated from the awesome that’s going on on the mainland. I would kill for some of today’s roasted pork posole! mmmm!

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