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I’ve Got My Eye on Austin

We leave tomorrow for a week in Mexico, and more on that soon. In the meantime, I've been scrambling to blow through deadlines and clear my plate as much as possible so I can actually unwind for a change. One last-minute item I'm working on right now is reviewing the many, many amazing panel and speaker submissions for next year's BlogHer Food to be held in Austin, TX. 

I've been involved with every BlogHer Food conference; in fact I am partially responsible for its existence in the first place. I was BlogHer's Product Director for two years, and almost immediately upon beginning the job, I campaigned for them to launch a food conference. I reached out to a large collective of bloggers I had known and worked with, many of whom were already part of the BlogHer community, and solicited them for information and ideas. I was able to present a compelling case for the value of the conference, and so it was hatched. The first conference sold out in days, and it's been an annual success ever since. 

In true BlogHer fashion, the conference moves from year to year. Since its inception in San Francisco, it's been held in Atlanta and Seattle, and next year will be in Austin. I couldn't be more excited. It's a city I've long wanted to explore, most especially the food scene. 

Looks like we've potentially got a great lineup in the works. Won't you join us? 

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