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We’re here. We’re Clear. We could get used to it.


We leave today for Playa del Carmen, via Cancun, to visit our dear friend Kathleen. It’s a part of Mexico we’ve never been to before, and we’re excited both to check it out and to spend time with her.

About six weeks ago I received a Klout perk for three free months of Clear, the expedited airport security program. Knowing this trip was in the works, I signed up, and then got dpaul a free trial by referral.

We had to go to one of the locations where Clear has their special biometric scanning machines, in our case in a real estate office in San Carlos. After answering a few questions and having our fingertips and faces scanned, we were done, and our cards arrived about a week later.

I knew Clear had its own line, and even assumed they had their own security machinery. It doesn’t work quite like that. The agent gets you set up at the machine, and after your ticket is scanned, you scan your fingertip. The machine then cheerily announces, “you are clear!”

The agent then merges you into the existing security line, asks how many bins you need, and, um, barges in front of everyone, unapologetically wedging your bins in to be the next in line. Aside from a few dirty looks, it was a pretty amazing process. We got through security in well under five minutes. We might be keeping this service.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to board our flight.

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  1. I loved Clear when I had it… at least the few times I was able to make use of it. Unfortunately, I found that the Clear lines were rarely open when I was travelling. Fingers crossed that the new management has a better handle on supply & demand than the old did.

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