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Today I roll over a new number on the odometer. I’m not going to tell you which one, but I’ll say its the second of three prime numbers in my current decade.

And although this number puts me fairly squarely in the range of middle age, I’m feeling like I am in many ways in my prime, too. Not so much physically — I’ve always been mildly allergic to exercise, and a slowing metabolism has made me more than a touch soft around the middle — but I do feel I am smarter, wiser and more confident than ever before.

I started the first day of this new age with a walk by ancient Mayan ruins and along turquoise waters on white coral sands that inexplicably do not get not in the Mexican sun. If this is how the year will be, I’m primed for what’s coming.

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  1. happy birthday! take comfort in knowing there are some of us even older (and softer around the middle) 🙂

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