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Supermarket tabloids and Hollywood have both fed at the trough of sensationalism around the upcoming End of Days supposedly prophesied by the termination of the Mayan calendar. In fact, the Mayans viewed time as cyclical rather than linear, so December 21 2012 marks not the apocalypse but merely the end of one 5,125-year cycle and the commencement of a new one. 

With this new cycle is meant to come a time of spiritual awakening. I'd venture to say the world has never been greater in need of it. America has been tearing itself apart at the seams both leading up to and in the wake of the last election. The Middle East and North Africa have bristled with alarming intensity. Poverty and hunger plague the globe, even here in the richest state in the richest nation in the world. 

In Tulum, an artist has created the Pyramid of Positive Thinking. He's reclaiming plastic bottles, in which you insert a handwritten note with your positive thought. Ultimately, 700,000 bottles will fill the pyramid; and then, "each bottle will generate, through the pyramid, an energy that will travel through the universe that materialize [sic] into reality during all the new cycle." 

Deposit your positive thoughts here

We placed our positive thoughts in plastic bottles and inserted them into the Positive Thought Repository. I wrote something to the effect that I hope that we enter a new era of mutual understanding and acceptance. 

Can't make it to Tulum in the next few weeks? No problem — you can leave your positive thoughts right on the Facebook page

What do you wish for in the new age? 

Pyramid of Positive Thoughts

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