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So You Want To Start A Food Blog

So you want to start a food blog

You’ve thought about it for a long time. You’ve been perfecting your iPhone shots of quotidian meals. You’re just about ready to take the leap and birth food blog #6,558,931 into the world. Good for you. Before you buy the domain and commit to the Facebook-Twitter-Pinterest-Instagram-Google+-Foodspotting-Gojee handles, you need to know that the following words cannot be used in a new food blog name. Why? Because I said so, that’s why. And because everyone else has already used them already.

Food. C’mon. It displays a poverty of imagination to invoke the very core concept into the name. Think outside the CSA box, already.

Cooking. Especially if followed by “with” and then your name or “in” and your location. Or worse, both. You cook. We get it.

Recipes. Fine in the tagline. Leave it out of the name.

Kitchen. Sorry, played out. Try making food in a different room.

Girl. Recipe Girl. Gluten-Free Girl. Sodium Girl. Lotta girls out there, and they’ve all got a lot of headway on you. Flip side: Good news, gents. “Boy” is practically unused. Knock yourself out.

What [you] Ate. I suppose it’s better than blogging about what happened at the other end of the alimentary tract. Just the same, I’d be surprised if someone with your name isn’t already blogging about what they put in their mouth.

Musings. To be fair, I feel like this word trended much more a few years ago, but there’s no reason to bring it back. Flip side: How come “noodling” never took off as a word in blog names?

Any two random ingredients or foodstuffs. Connected by “and” or otherwise. Unless all the recipes on your blog only use those two things.

Yummy, nummy, nom, delicious. All of it. If you have to say so, it’s suspect.

Chef. Unless you really are one. Like in a restaurant.

Thyme. Only when used punnishly in lieu of “time.” Otherwise it’s fine. Likewise “fork” when used for … well, you know.

Now, I can name multiple examples of perfectly successful blogs whose names break these rules. That’s because when they launched, none of these things was cliché. They were trailblazers. To stand out, you need to be different. Be funny. Be personal. Be original.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go post on my other blog, Kitchen Girl’s Forking Food Musings and Yummy Recipe Thyme.

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  1. Love your disclaimer at the end! Also love the graphics at the beginning.
    May I add one to the list? “Eats.”
    Are people really starting new food blogs?

  2. To thoroughly trash my blog name, you should have included “local.” Besides: it’s taken. By me (and every small-town kitchen retailer in the nation). 🙂

  3. Ah! Agreed. Love is an overused word in almost all circumstances — unless you are directing it to an individual with specific meaning.

  4. Pure awesomeness. Mine’s been so non-cliche nobody gets it. You think it’s too late to borrow “Forkings” to string on the end of mine?

  5. Loved this!
    I would add “Fresh” to the list, too.
    And the “two random ingredients/foodstuffs” thing always annoys me. Chocolate and Zucchini was original. After that, forget it!

  6. I breathed a sigh of relief at the end of your post and then laughed. Thanks for your wit & wisdom! Next topic for fodder… emoticons. 😉

  7. Kalyn, I was scrolling through comments and planning on leaving one to say that you and I were the only one’s with “kitchen” way back then. In my case it is a designator of the type of magic user I am not necessarily where the magic happens…
    In general, it will be interesting to see how names age over the years. I suspect some will do so better than others. One of the biggish mom bloggers just announced she is dumping her current ‘nym entirely and is now “someone else” — which would work better had she not gotten a tattoo of her blog name. (yes really)

  8. Hahahahaha – ROFTL. I have long said when I speak at conferences that I will never follow any blog that includes the words “random” or “musings” in its title or tagline! Brilliant post – thanks for the laugh!

  9. Remember when I used to write a food blog? If I started one now, I would call it either “Pistil Pete’s Wacky Gastronomical Vestibule” or “Oh God, it burns.”

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