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Close enough

Lazy dog on a grey day.

Close, but no cigar. I managed to post something, good or bad, nearly every day this month. I posted on the days we were in the air, the days we were in Mexico, on my birthday, on Thanksgiving day, and even the day my brother passed away. But the day after that, I simply had nothing to say. Grief has a way of leaving one speechless. 

But overall it's been a productive month. I think I bookended the month with my two strongest pieces, on the second day and the second-to-last day. And I had fun doing it. So I win.

Anyway, I'm not done. I still haven't delivered some of the stuff I said I wanted to, like more Maui and our trip to San Luis Obispo. And I'm going to roll out a few gift guide-y things of cool shit you totally need. It won't be every day, but probably more than the once a month or so I was tracking before. Stay tuned!

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  1. Oh man,Sean. I totally missed that your brother had passed. I’m so sorry. 🙁
    And you’re right, you wrote some really great pieces during Nablo and I do look forward to lists of shit I need. 🙂

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