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Let’s do this thing


So, November, we meet again. 

Another year passed, and I find myself once again compelled to torment embarrass depress push myself by attempting to write something, anything, every day for the month.

NaBloPoMo November 2013Turns out little has changed in 12 months. Last year I mentioned that, "I've done no small amount of writing lately, but it's nearly all be deadline-driven work for clients, and although it all falls within the greater umbrella of 'creative writing,' there has been little room for personal expression." So little has changed that even the image I am leading with is a temporal echo of the one from last year. Another year, another harvest moonrise.

Just a week ago, I caught myself complaining to a friend that, for someone who writes all day, every day, I miss writing. Not writing copy to sell product, or to educate and inform people on DIY food projects, but writing for myself, about myself, whatever I feel like talking about. So here I go.

Whether it's something you feel like reading about remains to be seen.

In other news: Tune into the Twitter hashtag #travelskills today from 9 am-12 pm PT; I'll be participating, talking about food, wine and travel.

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  1. Looking forward to your writing this month! I’ve been dragging my feet and haven’t even started today’s post, but with the help of a quiet afternoon and plenty of espresso, I plan to be officially in this thing by evening.

  2. Looking forward to it as well! I’m playing along too, although, my impetus is to stop with the 3/4 written pieces, and SOOC non-organized photos, and actually work on flexing my editing and polishing muscles. It’s not guaranteeing perfect work, but at least it helps me on my habits 🙂

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