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Kitchen tip: Blend in a mason jar

I, of course, am an avid preserver, and therefore we have approximately one million mason jars in our condo. If you believe Pinterest, there are one million uses for them. However, I don't see the value in painting them or turning them into cutesy votive holders or what have you. I use them for canning and storing dry goods, and that's about it.

But there is one clever use that I am a fond of. Did you know that the diameter of a regular-mouth mason jar is the exact same diameter and has the same screw-on track as most standard blenders? When I learned of this, I was all MIND = BLOWN. 

Mason jar blender 1

Just take the blade and gasket off the bottom of your blender, and prep your ingredients. 

Mason jar blender 2

Blade goes on. Screw it onto the base. 

Mason jar blender 3

And, blend. Salad dressing has never been easier. Screw on the lid and ring to store, and all you have to wash is the blade and gasket. 

Amended: I neglected to mention that you should not do this with hot foods, as the expansion of steam will create pressure, and potentially cause the jar to explode, or at best cause the gasket to seal too tightly. Also, though I demonstrated this with a half-pint jar, pint jars work best as they have more headroom.

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  1. And if you save the plastic lids from your mayonaise jars you can use it instead of a canning lid and ring. I own that exact Oster blender. Thanks for sharing this neat idea.

  2. Ummmmmm, this is both Amazing and exciting because I can’t wait to try this. Now I just gotta figure out what I’m going to blend haha

  3. OMG! I am practically giddy just reading this. There are so many times when I want to blend a little something-like canned diced tomatoes for sauce or other canned food or I want to just blend a small amount of something. I’ll be trying this tonight.

  4. Best, most helpful blog post I’ve read in years. Our blender top shattered a few years ago and I’ve done nothing to replace it. And I have mason jars. My mind = blown too.

  5. Do, however, make sure the gasket and blade are *perfectly* *centered* on the blender base . . . I shredded a gasket once, ruining a jar of salad dressing. Fortunately, it wasn’t a “company” dinner and there was still oil and vinegar . . . .
    Agree on not painting or otherwise cutesying up Mason jars. I’m not fond of that kind of decor, and Mason jars are expensive – use commercial, non-reusable jars for your candleholders!

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