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Dog walking musings


For better or worse, having a dog involves a forced foray out into the world at least a couple times a day. When the weather is good, these sojourns are welcome, and often a good time to be reflective, organize one's thoughts and clear the mind. 

For Reese, these walks serve to clear something else. When she is, shall we say, productive, it's a simple matter of grabbing a bag and picking up the offending material. The next step, however, is to find an appropriate spot to deposit the payload. Depending on where we're walking, that may be conveniently close. Other times, I may alter our path to steer toward a public can. Yet other times, if we are deep into residential areas, it may mean holding on for some time until a repository can be found. But at the soonest possible opportunity, it's gone. 

It's a metaphor for life. We all, occasionally, have to carry some shit around with us. How long you carry it, and the path you take to get rid of it, is entirely yours to determine. 

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