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Local Lager Love

Local lager love

dpaul and I see eye to eye on many things, but beer is not one of them. He prefers very light lagers and pilsners. Most of these I find at best uninteresting and at worst, in the case of Stella Artois, unpleasantly sour.

I like beers with more body, but I do not have that machismo affectation of punishing my palate with beers so brutally hopped that they leave a bitter coppery note that tastes like you’ve been sucking on pennies. I like a little complexity with my bitterness. Pliny the Elder will do nicely, thank you.

We’ve found a few beers we both enjoy, like the Icelandic Einstöck, or Churchkey our of Seattle, that comes in cool retro cans that you need a churchkey to open. But we have a new love, and it’s locally made to boot.

I’ve always enjoyed Anchor Bewing Company’s beers; Anchor Steam is my default choice. The new lager hits all the right notes for both of us. It’s light without being insubstantial, hoppy yet balanced with a pleasant citrus note. Have you tried it?

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  1. I like a beer I can sink my teeth into, like Smithwicks, Murphy’s, or Old Speckled Hen. But I like most of it. Still trying to shake the taste of pennies in my mouth since your analogy, however 🙂

  2. I have yet to try that specific Anchor Steam, but I will put it on my todo list.
    I am one of those fans of hoppy punishment. It started with a love affair with Sierra Nevada, and now it’s a full blown obsession.

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