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Comfort: food

Carrot soup

It's time to rebrand leftovers. The word is all wrong, fraught with negative connotation. It sounds like food that is unwanted, left to sulk in the corner.

But what about a Tuesday lunch bowlful of cumin-scented carrot soup from last weekend's dinner party, every spoonful evoking memories of laughter and conversation? What if it's further dressed up with a hardy handful of salty seeds, from a dear friend who gives gifts to others on her birthday? That food is not sad. It is thoroughly seasoned with joy.

It's time to think of leftovers not as a byproduct, but an extension of the moments that define and fulfill our lives. 

(And seriously? Make the salty seeds. They make everything more delicious.)

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  1. And of course there’s the fact that soups like this always improve in flavor after sitting in the fridge for a few days. I’m making a carrot soup today and I’m already looking forward to leftovers later in the week. I’ll have to try it with some salty seeds.

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