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Membership has its privileges

Pasta shapes

When I started blogging nearly eight years ago (Really? Wow.), I didn't know my own motives. It was a place where I could drain the humors that build up: Poolings of creative juices, upwellings of joy, occasional outbursts of rage. Before long I came to understand that blogging was about community. This was before Facebook opened to the masses and Twitter was even a thing, much less Instagram, Pinterest and the rest. As bloggers, we found each other by clicking through from comments and blogrolls. It seems almost laughably primitive today. (Does anyone maintain a blogroll anymore? Is commenting dead?)

So it is that I've mantained friendships with OG food bloggers like Amy, Elise, Heidi, Lydia, Kalyn and others, and picking up new ones along the way. Folks like Michael, Irvin, Genie and John have become among our nearest and dearest. And don't forget my fellow NaBloPoMovians Nicole, Sabrina, Amanda, Renee and the aforementioned Irvin.

Sometimes that community manifests benefits in unexpected ways. Like when Ben started working for Foodie by Glam, and suddenly you get invited to cool events. One of those events was this past Tuesday at Flour + Water


For starters, the lovely and talented Danielle Tsi gave a few of us a primer on food photography principles, with an eye on shooting in restaurant environments. Then, the restaurant brought up a few dishes and we were free to rock the shutter. 







We did what we had to to get the shot. (Thanks, Irvin, for the pic.)

We discussed tricks for working in low light. Here, the again aforementioned Irvin shows how to use a piece of paper as a bounce for an iPhone strobe to Arnold, Stephanie and Jeanne


After a couple hours of looking at food, we were good and hungry. Off we went to the private dining room for some serious eating. 










Thanks, Foodie!

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  1. It all looks so delicious — and what a fun event. Way to go on the birdseye shot! For what it’s worth, when I visit any blog, I comment. It could be some post traumatic distress thing from responding to 175 middle schoolers’ reader response journals, but… 😀

  2. Sounds like a great dinner! I always struggle with the balance between the perfect shot and not annoying the diners next to me. Some pics turn out great…some not so great. Haven’t tried hopping on the table yet, but maybe that will do the trick! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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