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Kitchen tip: Perfect boiled eggs in the pressure cooker

Pressure cooker boiled eggs

You know how I love my pressure cooker, right? Well, I just discovered another way it works magic. Thanks to Laura at Hip Pressure Cooking, I have learned how to make perfect boiled eggs in just about no time flat. To be more accurate, they're steamed.

I'm having some company over today, and wanted to make some egg salad as a snack. I had just purchased Marin Sun Farms eggs yesterday morning, and you know what a pain it is to peel farm-fresh eggs when they're hard boiled. Pressure cooker to the rescue! In they went, cold, into the steamer basket, with one cup of water in the cooker. Laura called for six minutes at low, but I decided to do somewhere north of five (the valve popped without my noticing). Allow for natural release, pop them into a cold bath to stop the cooking, and boom: Perfect hard boiled eggs.

Best of all, the shells came off like a dream. Turns out the pressure cooking process helps to separate the shell and the egg. Double win! 

Check out the post to see how you can make perfect soft, medium and hard-boiled eggs in just minutes. 

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  1. So glad you had a chance to try AND master the technique – those are some fantastic looking eggs!!
    I’m looking forward to reading more about your pressure cooker exploits. ; )

  2. Time to dust off the old pressure cooker! I love mine but I got through pressure cooking phases and I have been out of that phase for quite a while. We boil eggs fairly often so I’ll be trying this soon.

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