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Stalking A Better Burger

Stalking a better burger

Hang your heads, San Franciscans, for we have suffered a terrible blow. Perhaps the best burger in town, KronnerBurger, has terminated its yearlong tenure at the swank digs in the overflow space of the venerable Bruno's. 

To make matters worse, Chris Kronner is turning his attention toward going full-time brick and mortar in Oakland, because, well, let's face it, that's where all the cool and interesting food is happening these days anyway. Because something something gentrification something something rich techy kids something something Google bus something whatever. 

Look, I'm not even a big burger eater (unlike dpaul, who could subsist solely on burgers and fries and live very happily), but this was different. Kronner's signature salty and rare style of burger pushed all the right buttons for me, but it's so much more than that. Like the fun yet crafty cocktails, such as the scotcholate milk or the carbonated motherfucking margarita. Or the respectable riff on poutine, with cheesy curds gone gooey over crisp fries and gravy. But oh, the onion rings. That's the sweet spot right there. Truly, no better onion rings have ever been made on this planet, at least not by mere mortal hands. The brass ring of onion rings. 

Okay, Oakland, you win. We raise the white flag. But I refuse to cross the bay just for a burger. 

We're always down with a drive to Daly City for a dose of In-N-Out even if their fries do suck, and it's our ritual road food when traveling. Should we find ourselves near a Five Guys we're all about it. A recent pre-opening visit to SmashBurger also yielded promising results. You'll occasionally find us at Super Duper on a nice afternoon in the Castro. But sometimes I want something beyond the fast food burger continuum. And none of them have awesome onion rings.

So. You tell me. Where's the better burger (and onion rings)?

(Photo courtesy KronnerBurger.)

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  1. I may be sadder about the loss of the onion rings than the burger.
    I can find a good burger (Nopa, Slow Club, 4505 Meats, among others), but finding even mediocre onion rings is really hard, much less really good ones.
    I’ve been dreaming of a decent sandwich shop in our neighborhood for years. Maybe I should add onion rings to the dream menu?

  2. I don’t even dare to dream about a good burger in Fresno. But we do have In-N-Out for a decent fast food burger (hate the fries) and Five Guys for decent fast food fries (hate the burgers). 🙂

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