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Mindful Meats

The spoils of supporting @civileats: 24 lbs of organic, non-GMO ground beef from @mindfulmeats. Yesssss.

So as I mentioned in yesterday's post, we supported Civil Eats' Kickstarter, to the tune of $250. For our prize, I picked 24 lbs of ground beef from Mindful Meats. I mean, this was a no-brainer, right? Sure, at slightly more than $10 a pound, it's more than I would normally pay for ground beef, but I was supporting a cause I believed in, and anyway, this is no normal beef. 

You know those ads for California cheese featuring happy cows? Well, turns out happy cows also make for good beef. These cows graze on the lush pastures of Western Marin and Sonoma counties — the same land that is shared by the cows that produce the finest dairy in the area

Significantly, this beef is the first ever harvest by any producer to receive both USDA Organic and non-GMO certification. While they are not yet available in stores in San Francisco (ahem, Bi-Rite, pretty please?), you can get it elsewhere in the Bay Area. Bar Tartine is also using their beef. 

Most importantly, it tastes really good. Already dpaul has made batches of chili and ragu, which we've pressure-canned. And we still have a bunch in the freezer. Guess we'll make our own better burger

What else should we do with it? I'm all ears. 

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