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The above picture was taken on our 20th anniversary by our friend Scott, who has recently been dabbling in wet plate colloidal photography. Scott and I went to day care center together; we've known each other for 40 years.

Thanks in part to Facebook, I remain in contact with a handful of folks I was friends with back in Niskayuna, NY. For example, my friend Glenn, was my best friend going back to the fourth grade. I've known him 35 years. 

When I first arrived at Stony Brook University, the very first person I met became one of my dearest friends for life. I have known Christine 27 years.

I arrived in San Francisco in 1991, and I rented a room in a three-bedroom flat on Hermann Street. My roommates Hugh and Lisa remain among our nearest and dearest. I have known them 22 years. 

I met my husband in 1992; through him I met a large circle of friends who celebrated Mardi Gras and other festivities, many of whom are still our closest friends, more than two decades later. 

We spontaneously befriended our neighbor, Kathleen, on Dolores Street in 1994, and our friendship blossomed immediately. Almost 20 years later, and despite the fact that she lives in Mexico, she is still as close as family.

Colleagues became friends at jobs past, at CNET (17 years ago), PlanetOut (14 years ago) and BlogHer (five years ago). 

Through blogging, which I started nearly eight years ago, I tapped in to a tremendous pool of wonderful, talented and creative people. They have added immensely to our social circle. 

New friends come along all the time. Each is a gift. 

It is a blessing that there is no limit on friendship, no number beyond which you must cut back. In this case, truly more is more. Our life is rich because of the tremendous circle of people we keep in our lives, and for you who keep us in turn, I am deeply thankful. 

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  1. Sean, Oh, yes. I meet you guys at the Hermann Street flat. We were all so young and crazy. I love this piece and glad to know I share part of this remarkable history of friends with you. love–andy

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