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A Photo Session With Erin Scott Of Yummy Supper

A photo session with Erin Scott of Yummy Supper

I'm a member of the San Francisco Professional Food Society, a local networking group for folks engaged in all aspects of food, be they chefs, producers, writers and whatnot. Within the organization we have various Special Interest Groups, or SIGs, where we can meet up to socialize and learn. These SIGs really are worth the price of membership. 

Today the food photography SIG met at the beautiful Berkeley home of Erin Scott of the blog Yummy Supper, and the soon-to-be-released book of the same name. Although self-taught, Erin has become an accomplished and skilled photographer, and she had us over to share some tips and talk about her process. 

Erin of Yummy Supper

She's got a clever setup in a room off her kitchen, with large glass doors that allowed the soft, foggy light in. Saw horses and weathered wood boards become an instant tabletop, which she changes up with textiles and other props. She had some clever ideas about capturing light, like using prefab canvases from art stores as ready-made bounces, and also has a massive bifold bounce that stands behind her, helping further to fill in light as needed. 

Erin shooting

Erin, Jennie and Cynthia

Rosemary and Frances

Pears and apples

The home is lovely, but the garden is astonishing.





Dewy web in greens

I got to hang with my favorite zebra.


And then we went to Erin's studio, full of artful things, to learn a bit about Lightroom.

Lightroom session


Peacock feather

Artful things

And then, of course, lunch. Needless to say, a professional food group brings delicious things.



Nut bars

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