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The Eatsdropper, Whole Foods Edition

Steep Brew Taproom, Whole Foods SoMa

I recently was invited to check out the new Steep Brew Taproom at Whole Foods SoMa as a guest. It's the second taproom in a Whole Foods in the city, probably the last. (The other is in the Potrero Hill location.) I enjoyed chatting with curator, Wesley Anderson (yes, that's his real name, and no, no relation) about his philosophy for the place. Wes is aiming to keep the selection mostly local, strongly focused on small-batch and featuring brews that are not available in the cold case. In particular, I enjoyed the Faction Brewing Summer IPA, with crisp notes of grapefruit zest. But mostly, I was intrigued by the way Whole Foods blurs the line between simple marketplace and community center. It's fitting then that this collection of overheard morsels comes from three different Whole Foods. 

"It was bad. The Phil Collins phase. When you listen to 'Take a Look at Me Now' without any irony."
– Eatsdropped by David E.

A mother speaking to her 6-ish son: "Let's get out of here now, before anyone we know sees us."
– Eatsdropped by David C.

"Whole Foods Kahala is the land of the militant trust fund healthy haoles."
– Eatsdropped by Sefania Pomponi

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