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BlogDay 2006

Because of my work with ThisNext, and because I am mildly obsessive-compulsive, I read a lot -- no, a LOT -- of blogs. Well, to be fair, when I say read, I mean glance at and make hasty assessments apropos…

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Sheepless in Kentucky

Well, the weather has been somewhat inclement during this trip, and as forecasts were not favorable, we decided to forego the Owensboro BBQ fest. Ultimately, we thought that, if we were going to drive two hours to end up eating…

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Sheep thrills

I'm off to Kentucky to visit the in-laws. I'll have limited Internet access for the next few days, so am likely to be dark until next week. Saturday we're heading to Owensboro to attend the International Bar-B-Q Festival, the oldest…

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Spring Frolic

The sun never broke for us, our original location was mired in mud, but we went ahead and had Spring Frolic just the same. About 20 people came, some in the obligatory hats, to the Dahlia Garden in Golden Gate…

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The sparing of the green

LeprechaunTomorrow’s St. Patrick’s Day, and to make matters worse it’s a Friday. Lock your doors and fetch the gun. Or at least avoid the insanity that spews forth from the Royal Exchange and Harrington’s in the Financial District.

Although I do in fact have a little Irish in me, I put this and a few other holidays — New Year’s Eve leaps to mind — in the category of missable. They’re like amateur night. If you need such a big excuse to cut loose and drink yourself silly, you’re just not partying hard enough in life generally. And green beer? How about something more creative. Like a Tipperary.

Still, there are a couple of worthwhile things going on. Pop into Café Flore (2298 Market St, at Noe) for "Erin Go Bra-less" for some top-notch drag/cabaret entertainment, benefitting Project Open Hand. Emceed by personal friend Trauma Flintstone, the lineup features such luminaries as Connie Champagne and Ethel Merman (yes, Ethel Merman!). $7 for green beer (ick)/soda, plus raffle.

If you’re looking for something a little more traditional, yes still San Francisco, head on down to Keane’s 3300 Club (3300 Mission St, at 29th) — my new favorite place I’ve not yet been to — for colcannon and corned beef tacos. The Keanes’ own colcannon recipe follows after the jump, in case you would prefer to make a quiet evening of it at home. Just don’t forget your potato ricer! (If you wanna go whole hog with the Irish/gourmet thing, check out corned beef four ways.)

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It’s pouring: Wine events

Newly (re-)opened Swirl on Castro hosts a different wine tasting event (with winemakers or distributors) most Thursdays. This month's upcoming tastings include Bordeaux (March 16) and Codorniu Group, featuring California and Spanish wines (March 23). $15 if you RSVP ahead,…

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Mmmm … beer

Bit of a bummer, but I didn't know until today that February is Strong Beer Month here in good ol' Ess Eff. Brew pubs and bars around the city are showcasing their heaviest, strongest beers, such as barleywines and imperial…

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