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Currying no favor

RasoiHm, I’ve been a little lax in posting, in part because I haven’t had a lot to report. Last weekend was one of those where you go into it thinking you know the whole agenda and somehow Monday morning dawns and you did nothing originally planned. Saturday DPaul and I bagged on the big annual Mardi Gras event — for the first time in 13 years (14 for DPaul) — for a variety of reasons, not least because we were wiped out. I spent all week giving notice at my job, and that was plenty exhausting, if rewarding.

The other monkey-wrenched plan was Sunday’s Oakland taco truck crawl with a group of Mouthfullers. Despite a fair amount of enthusiasm leading up to it, moods ran tepid as soon as it became clear that horizontal rain was headed our way. I had to agree: Eating tacos while standing out in the elements in industrial Oakland didn’t exactly sound like my idea of paradise. So instead we stayed home, watched, oh, 8 episodes of Lost (first season — gotta catch up!) and ordered Indian food. That’s when it all went wrong.

The rant continues after the jump.

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Ame: Chic eats

AmelogogreenWe had the great pleasure of joining a couple of friends for dinner at Ame last night. The San Francisco debut of husband-and-wife owners of Napa Valley’s acclaimed Terra has generated scads of buzz since its opening, and I’ve been very curious.

First off, it’s pronounced AH-may, not AHM, as I had thought. Evidently Japanese instead of French, though they don’t offer a translation. (I think it’s rain?) Like the rest of the lobby of the chic, new St. Regis hotel and residences, Ame is clad in clean, modern lines and understated tones of mahogany and cream. While the dining room is not enormous, the tables are well spaced and set at angles, so you never feel like you’re in your neighbor’s lap — a major pet peeve of mine.

We started off with cocktails — a couple of negronis and cosmos — which were perfectly fine, if a little steep at $12-14 per. Our waiter struck us immediately as a bit green, prattling off the specials rapidly and nervously, then delivering the cocktails to the wrong people. We exchanged glances and let it roll off our backs.

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Two offal dinners

Must be innards season, cuz there are two hoof-to-horns special meals lined up at two of the Bay Area's best Italian restos. Tonight through Friday, Berkeley's Oliveto is serving up The Whole Hog, offering up a remarkable selection of dishes…

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