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About Hedonia

Sean Timberlake is a professional writer, amateur foodie, avid traveler and all-around bon vivant. DPaul Brown is a photographer and partner in culinary crime. We were married for realz in 2008, and live in San Francisco. Reese is our delightful…

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Thank you

To all of you who read my post about my father, and who commented or contacted me directly with thoughts of warmth and healing, thank you. I wrote the post mostly as a means of therapy for myself, a way…

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Sweet nothing

Just a note to let what few readers remain that I still love you and have not forgotten you. I'm up to my neck cogitating on how to architect enterprise production processes (seriously), which has left little mental bandwidth for…

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It all started, as so very many things do, with Jeopardy! You see, a friend of mine from high school, Marc, was to appear on the brain-tickling quiz show last night. A party was in order.

I’ve mentioned that Schenectady, NY is a nice place to be from. Clearly, many others share my sentiment, or at least the part about it being a nice place not to live anymore. Marc himself now lives in LA, but a surprising number of my former classmates live right here in the Bay Area. For example, Marc’s brother Steve and his partner Domonick (and their adorable schnoodle Sophie) have recently relocated to the Oakland hills, and I have also reconnected with my friend Daniela, who has the best job ever. She teaches trapeze. Seriously.

Anyway, we’ve had beans on the brain lately. And by beans I of course mean Rancho Gordo. Ever since Señor Sando mentioned the always-enticing beans-and-greens combo as a taco filling, it’s been on my mind. A plan was hatched. Two pots of beans, one vegetarian and one not, some tasty toppings and voilà. But if you think our tacos would be just pintos with guacamole and jack cheese, you simply don’t know us very well.

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As if my posting hasn't been patchy enough of late, I'm heading out of town this weekend, visiting my mother in San Diego. If anything earth-shatteringly interesting happens, I'll try to post. Otherwise, see you on Monday!

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Hedonia 2.0

So I finally decided to tinker with the design a little bit. I'm very open to feedback. Compliments, comments and other constructive criticisms are welcome.

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