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The Maine Thing

(Image courtesy Anita Crotty/Married... with Dinner) Last year, DPaul and I got married, because we could. In the September after the state supreme court struck Prop 22, we became one of some 18,000 same-sex couples to be legally wed. It…

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No on Prop 8


I am not a particularly political person, and have never before used this blog as a platform from which to expound my views on matters other than hedonistic ones, but let's just say this issue is a teensy bit important to me. You see, thanks to recent changes in California law, I was finally able to marry my fiancé of 15 years, and that was a very good thing indeed. Literally dozens of our coupled friends have done the same in the past few weeks. And gee, it would be great if others could continue doing so after November 4.

Proposition 8 is a particularly hateful ballot initiative that would amend the California constitution to eliminate the now-given right for same-sex couples to marry. That's right. A constitutional amendment to discriminate against a specific segment of the population. Fun!

Of course the fundies are all over this shit, whining and moaning to "protect traditional marriage," whatever that means. Cuz you know, upstanding citizens like Britney Spears and Elizabeth Taylor and John McCain have unimpeachable records when it comes to marriage. Heck, even my father, heaven rest his soul, married four times. I'm pretty sure this falls outside the parameters of "traditional," but somehow the Mormons didn't get their panties in a twist about it. 

No, this is different, because the Bible, which was obviously written by God himself on the universe's first IBM Selectric, supposedly had a few things to say about homosexuality. Sure, those same words have been mutated through a few millennia of translation across multiple languages, but whatev. 

A favorite supporting verse in Leviticus says "men shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind, that's an abomination." So, by that logic, we should amend the constitution only to ban marriage between men; lesbian marriages are perfectly OK according to the bible. Look it up! And anyway, if they want men to stop having sex with each other, shouldn't marriage be the solution?

Pro-8 ads have also been pulling the old pearl-clutching "Won't someone think of the children???" trope, saying that schools will be teaching grade-schoolers about gay marriage. Aside from the fact that, according to the State Superintendent of Schools, that's a lie, here's what I think: Good! Teach children the virtues of equality. This is about human rights, not sexuality.

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the memories

[If you’re reading this in a feedreader, you’re probably missing out on the pictures. Won’t you come visit in person?]

If I may say so myself, our wedding weekend was, in a word, perfect. The weather cooperated to a degree that I couldn’t have even wished for; the setting was gorgeous and romantic (thanks to our friends Donna and Dennis); and the food and drink were spectacular. I mean, when was the last time you went back for seconds on wedding cake?

The day after our wedding, we carted an entourage in a bus up to the always lovely Bouchaine Winery in Carneros. After a thoughtfully selected tasting of their wines and some delicious box lunches (catered, like the wedding dinner, from Bi-Rite Market), we were given a tour where we got to taste the last of the pinot noir grapes on the vine, and thoroughly educated on the entire process the wines go through from vineyard to bottle.

Many thanks to our good friend Anita for being the unofficial photographer for our event. Despite her concern about shooting non-inanimate, non-food subjects, I think she did a spectacular job capturing the moments exactly as I remember them. Pics from the wedding are in the Pictobrowser above; wedding excursion shots are after the jump. Enjoy! I know I did.


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the menu

local lamb skewers with romesco | louisiana wild gulf shrimp tikka skewers with mango chutney | classic crab cakes with chipotle-lime aioli | roederer estate sparkling wine pomegranate-marinated free-range chicken breasts with balsamic onions and mint-yogurt sauce | niman ranch…

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the vows

I accept you    as you are    as you have been    as you will be    as my other half    as my better half    as my all    as my husband

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taking the air-quotes off the m-word

we first "married" in 1993 by registering as domestic partners in the city of san francisco, in a dreary room with cracked walls in the basement of city hall. at our second "marriage" in 2004 we became domestic partners in…

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