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Ice, ice baby

As the world’s population grows unabated, the next major crisis will surely be water. But to listen to DPaul, you’d think it was ice.

For him, a drink without ice is not only unpalatable but unfathomable. When we prepare for parties, while I fret over whether there’s enough food or booze, he invariably questions whether there’s enough ice. No fan of hot beverages, he only acquired the taste for espresso while on our first trip to Italy, and even then only because there was no ice-cold Coke at the ready when the rest of us would have our morning shot or stop for a little pick-me-up in the afternoon. He’s even been known to slide the occasional cube into a glass of red wine to take the temperature down a skosh.

I have always attributed this to his Southern heritage, imagining him reaching for sweating glasses of sweet tea whilst baking under the Kentuckian sun. In fact, his mother recounts growing up in Kentucky, receiving a chunk of ice from the ice delivery man (as in, for the ice box), and that being the best treat one could hope for.

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Pressure’s on


Seems like everyone's under a lot of pressure these days. We're crushing under the weight of a monumentally historic election, with real issues that affect real people's everyday lives. Our backs are breaking from the Sisyphean effort of keeping our moods and bank accounts buoyant while the market repeatedly plummets.

But pressure isn't always a bad thing. Without significant pressure, diamonds would be mere drab lumps of carbon. And pressure can be judiciously applied in the kitchen to great effect.

Like many people, I cast a wary eye toward pressure cookers for many years, envisioning madcap Lucille Ball-esque scenarios of exploding lids and volcanic eruptions of lava-hot food. But modern-day pressure cookers are both safe and easy to use, and an extremely handy appliance for those looking to economize both their time and money. After some research on DPaul's part, we purchased the Fagor 3-in-1 Electric Multi-Cooker, a countertop pressure, rice and slow cooker all in one. It's our new favorite toy.

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What’s in a fridge?

Thanks to Sam, everyone is gleefully exposing the unedited contents of their fridge. When I presented this notion to DPaul, his first question was, can we clean it out first? The answer is, of course, no. Taking this photo was…

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No nukes!

This weekend marks our two-year anniversary in our place in Noe Valley. By extension it also marks our two-year anniversary without a microwave. Oddly, despite upgrading to a larger kitchen with a significant amount of counter space, we simply never…

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