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The Great Guac Hunt: Colibri

What better way to celebrate Dia de los Muertos than to revisit the Great Guac Hunt? I suppose a good mole would be a more fitting Oaxacan tribute, but this will have to do.

For this installation, my guest judge is none other than my better half, DPaul Brown. We’ve been to Colibri once before, with our good friend Anita, who knows from good Mexican food. I’ve been looking forward to returning for some time, especially for the purposes of this project, but also because I just plain like the place.

I’m not exactly sure what makes Colibri a bistro as opposed to a restaurant, but I’m not splitting hairs. One thing is for sure — while we have no shortage of Mexican food in San Francisco, we have a terrible dearth of quality places above the taqueria level. Colibri stands out as possibly the leader of the pack in this category. 

One important note about Colibri’s guac: If you’re seated for a meal, they make it tableside in one of those rustic stone pestles (molcajetes). At the bar, it just shows up already made. They also spice to order. Though DPaul and I are major pepperheads, we ordered it medium spicy so as not to overwhelm the guac experience itself. Let’s get on with the evaluation.

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