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Daiquiri days and tiki nights


Food and drink bloggers tend to be a merry lot; DPaul and I are certainly not alone in our pursuits of things hedonistic. It generally takes little provocation to get a group of local bloggers to assemble to consume something of interest, in groups large or small.

Last year, Jen organized a come-as-you-are series of outings to case out the various bars and beverages featured in the 2008 edition of Food & Wine Cocktails, 17 of which were from Bay Area locales. A schedule was built, and week after week a cadre of bloggers and booze enthusiasts traipsed to watering holes in San Francisco and beyond in search of these rarefied concoctions. So regular and assiduously attended were these events, they became referred to as our "book club."

Sadly, as it turned out, relatively few of the cocktails in the book were available for the tasting. It stands to reason in an artisanal cocktail center like San Francisco that menus change with the moods and seasons, but some instances were just outright silly. At one location, the cocktail was on the menu, but is apparently never actually served, since they don't stock one key ingredient, a Belgian Trappist ale, that is both perishable and expensive. In one other case, the cocktail was not — and had actually never been — on the menu. Of the comparatively few cocktails featured in the book that were of offer, some were simply disappointing, though often there were superior drinks available at those locations. Ultimately, only a few stood out; my personal favorite was the Tommy Gun at Bar Drake.

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MxMo VII: The Hurricane Gordon


What a difference when I manage to get my photographer and natural-born food stylist husband to contribute, no?

After my last hurricane-based concoction, I decided that the cocktail would benefit from some grenadine, both to red it up a bit and make it less unappealingly brown, and to add a little sweetness. My hunch paid off. Just a small amount of grenadine created a much more balanced drink: Fruitier, less tart and with a mellowing effect on the boozy burn of rum.

Again, I made my own sour mix, and this time I made my own grenadine as well. No doubt if you used commercial grenadine (and if you do, be sure to get real grenadine and not the carcinogenic red-dyed corn syrup that passes in most home bars), undoubtedly the end result would be even redder and sweeter than mine.

Mm7I’m tagging this post for the current Mixology Monday event. The theme is Goodbye, Summer, and I can think of nothing that heralds the finality of summer like hurricane season. As I noted last time, there are at least as many variations on the hurricane cocktail recipe as there are hurricanes themselves, so I dubbed my previous cocktail the Florence, as that was the active hurricane at the time. Now, a new variation merits a new name, so I’ll call this one the Gordon just in time for him to expend his last fierce breaths like the Big Bad Wolf of the Atlantic. Recipes after the jump.

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