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How to brew the perfect pot of tea

Though I start my day with espresso, I really enjoy a nice pot of tea, especially on dreary winter days. I keep a varied selection, to suit my moods: Bracing black to wake up the palate and inspiration, soothing green…

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Tea Time in Noe Valley

Click image to enlarge. I've been watching the transformation of  the former Ladybug Ladybug on 24th Street as it evolved into DAVIDsTEA, a Montreal-based tea outfitter bringing their teas to neighborhood spots to a few US cities. They opened just last…

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Tea and memory

One of the best things about working from home (even when you're unemployed) is the ability to hang out in your sweats, make a nice pot of tea and stare out at the miserable and seemingly neverending rain. Sprinkle of…

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Popcorn tea

My favorite part of the food section every week in the Chronicle is Taster's Choice, where they compare broadly available products for quality. This week, stepping a bit out of the box, they compare brands of genmai cha, green tea…

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