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When you cut butter, the terrorists win

This weekend is the big BlogHer conference in Chicago, and while I am one of the handful of employees to remain back in the Bay Area to hold down the fort, I did make a wee cameo appearance. You see, we aired a video compiled of user-generated clips of people sending their shoutouts to BlogHer attendees. All of us in the product group were encouraged expected commanded to make a clip for inclusion. 

At the end of the day, in order to avoid turning it into a three-hour saga, each of us in the company just got our intros excerpted and included. And I'm told that my adoring public made the most noise when I made my debut on the big screen. I am humbled.

The theme of the video was meant to be all about tips on how we stay connected, offline and on, in this increasingly complicated world. Of course, I am notorious for not following directions well, and so my first video was about something totally and utterly different. I did go on to make a video on topic, but here's the one you were never meant to see:

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